Hello :)

I'm Stella, a food-loving
UC Berkeley
CS student.


I'm a third-year Computer Science major and German minor at UC Berkeley. I love learning new things and I'm constantly looking to expand my horizons and gain new experiences.

This semester I am a Tutor for CS 61B and a member of Codeology, a campus club that focuses on education, exploring of the tech industry, and creating a supportive CS community. Over summer 2019 I was a software engineer intern at Salesforce -- read about my first week at Salesforce here. I also enjoy practicing German, motorcycling, and travelling.

Languages: Python, Java, C, Go, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Recent technical coursework: Data Structures, Machine Structures, Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory, Computer Security, Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems, two calculus courses (Math 1A & 1B), Linear Algebra.


The Github links have more detailed descriptions, images, and code!

Concurrent Cached File Server

CS 61C, Spring 2019

I designed a basic file server with file caching functionality for websites in Golang. The server responded to http requests by searching for files in cache and/or disk, writing the data, and caching files read from disk to expedite subsequent file requests. It also uses Golang channels to ensure there are no race conditions when modifying the cache.

Nicolas Cage Detector

October 2018

Have you ever wondered if something is Nicolas Cage or not? If so, you're in the right place. In this 4-week Codeology project I gathered data (read: beautiful images of Nicolas Cage), cleaned the data, created a ML model, and trained the model using Tensorflow.


November 2018

In this 4-week Codeology project I created a program in Python that detects sound from the computer's microphone and reacts to the sound visually through a 3D mesh.

Wiki Word Frequency

June 2018

As a quick summer project, I created a python program that graphs the 20 most popular words in wikipedia articles as a pie chart using pyplot, Beautiful Soup, and Tkinter.


Since May 2018

This website has been built from scratch using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Bootstrap and is an ongoing project.

Ants vs. Bees

CS 61A, Spring 2018
I collaborated with a project partner to develop a tower defense game in python from skeleton code.


CS 61A, Spring 2018

I collaborated with a project partner to build a scheme interpreter in python from skeleton code.

Yelp Maps

CS 61A, Spring 2018

I created a visualization of restaurant ratings using machine learning and the Yelp academic dataset in python from skeleton code.